Derek spent several years promoting online gambling games

After each player has acted, the dealer reveals their hand. If the hand is not as high as Queen, then the hand is ineligible and the player’s play is pushed and bets are paid evenly. If the dealer’s hand qualifies and the player’s hand exceeds the dealer’s hand, he receives an equal amount for both bets.

The player can also get the ante bonus if they get at least a straight regardless of the fight with the dealer. It should be noted that in three-card poker, straights beat flushes.

Developing a strategy for Three Card Poker is relatively easy because we can create a computer program that plays all possible hands. From there, we can tell for each player’s hand whether to play or fold.

Remember that playing does not mean the player has a winning hand. This often means he loses less than if he were to fold.

Based on this analysis, we decide it is worth playing Q-6-4 or better. But it is only when the player has a high or better than expected hand of Aces that he wins money.

I have already said that Three Card Poker was perfect for its time. Halo69 I’ve said many times that if it was invented today, it would be hard to compete with many more modern games.

Another situation we can check for is when we move into a weak drawdown and initially against a strong D2 initial range. For example, let’s say we hold the big blind against an open starting position, both players draw twos, and we raise a very tight draw like 3-6-7-8.

If our opponent raises their D2, the resulting D1 or edge grip will tend to be very strong and we are often high for having suffered the worst. However, the downside of checking is that if we don’t improve and decide to check behind, we could potentially expose our draw as very weak and/or let our opponents go wild.

Derek spent several years promoting online gambling games

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