Michigan Online Gaming Lottery Machine To Launch In A Week

Michigan’s online gaming market could be up and running within a week, the state’s gaming regulator said.

Richard Kalm, executive director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board, said Tuesday that an online betting announcement could come within days, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press.

“I’m very optimistic that we can present something to the public this week or in the first half of next week,” Kalm said. “I know it seems slow to the public, but from our point of view, from a regulatory point of view, we can’t launch new types of games until we have rules to protect the integrity of these games.

The board of directors will soon issue the first operating permit. After that, licensed traders need a few days before they can operate their platform.

Michigan residents have been patiently awaiting the introduction after Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation legalizing online gambling and physical lottery betting in December 2019. The retail lottery betting portion of the law was introduced in March, but was quickly shut down when Whitmer closed the lottery market in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

There were rumors that Bonsu138 online gambling could arrive as early as last November, but regulators were unable to finalize the rules and it was pushed back to early 2021.

Whitmer also signed legislation that would allow Michigan’s pool of online gambling players to merge with other states. However, Kalm said online players should wait to compete with players outside of Michigan.

Michigan Online Gaming Lottery Machine To Launch In A Week

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